Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Hey guys, I just noticed that my blogs have been very silent... I'm sorry for that. School is indeed tiresome...

Anyway, Lyle is getting himself a voice now~I couldn't do it. I tried but it still sounded like Aliciane. So, his voice provider is Roxiel Chua, a female friend of mine.Thank you very much for voicing him~ :'D

Also, my sister decided to contribute to the MANGAloid family~

Her UTAU is called Licorice Delaine and the genderbent version is called Linden D. Evans... They are cousins... (Therefore, it is safe to assume that "D." stands for Delaine)

Aliciane now has an ACT 2 VB. In fact, MIST has her 2.5 VB available for download... Please do download and use her properly~

That is all~