Thursday, 17 May 2012

Spiral Game - MANGAloid Girls Cover

Song: Spiral Game
Originally by: Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, Len APPEND
UST by: UtauReizo
Video used:
SCL Project are
Illust:春アキ (mylist/13085207)
Lyric&Music:natsu (mylist/7041344)

HeadCannons: xmegaminoaix
Video Editing: xmegaminoaix

Okay so since this is a MANGAloid GIRLS cover... and not just one or two of them, I figured I'd post the video in their headquarters too~ :D

Monday, 14 May 2012


Me and my bestie dancing Happy Synthesizer to celebrate our anniversary... as well as Hao and Yoh's birthday~

I'm not the best dancer... I have so many fails... but guess what... I DON'T CAAAARRREEE~~~ :)) It was fun and that's all that matters...

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

MANGAloid Introduction

Okay SO!


This is xmegaminoaix/Shaman-Hearts, the creator of MANGAloids and the voice behind the Aliciane series. Before I start off, let me define what a MANGAloid is...

A MANGAloid is an UTAUloid that has had his/her appearances in a comic or story that I am responsible for. In other words, they are the UTAUloids that I technically own and have to take good care of.

With that done, I'll give a list of the UTAUloids that are and will be a part of the MANGAloids...

1. Aliciane - She is the first one released and she is voiced by xmegaminoaix (Aloe Deala). She has two VB; STRONG and MIST and both are in CV ACT 1 mode. Aliciane STRONG is lower and fuller in tone compared to Aliciane MIST who has a higher and nasal voice. She has 11 planned APPENDS but they won't be mentioned until the ACT's VB is done.

2. Artemis von Crux - She is the second MANGAloid released and is voiced by xarchanx (Arielle Cruz).

3. Christine Gale - She is the third MANGAloid to be released but has one song posted in YT. She is voiced by Chennille Galvan.

4. Lyle Tomaso - He is a WIP MANGAloid voiced by xmegaminoaix (Aloe Deala).

5. Mytho Arlens - He is another WIP MANGAloid to be voiced by xmegaminoaix (Aloe Deala).

So far, those are the MANGAloids that I am sure to exist in the near future. But for added knowledge... here are the other MANGAloids I hope to exist:

Mike Hans Demetrion
Jade Grace Perriot
Keana Marie Antonio
Raspberry Pettyson
Bryton Baskerville
Kurt Jackson
Charice Lankin
Licorice Delaine

These make up the complete list of MANGAloids.

Last Night, Good Night - UTAU Chorus (3+1+1)

Song: Last Night, Good Night
Originally by: Hatsune Miku
UST by: TheSnowSongstress
Video by: ShamanBook

The video features the 3 MANGAloids (Aliciane, Artemis and Christine), 1 DEMOloid (Rie) and 1 Vocaloid.