Tuesday, 1 May 2012

MANGAloid Introduction

Okay SO!


This is xmegaminoaix/Shaman-Hearts, the creator of MANGAloids and the voice behind the Aliciane series. Before I start off, let me define what a MANGAloid is...

A MANGAloid is an UTAUloid that has had his/her appearances in a comic or story that I am responsible for. In other words, they are the UTAUloids that I technically own and have to take good care of.

With that done, I'll give a list of the UTAUloids that are and will be a part of the MANGAloids...

1. Aliciane - She is the first one released and she is voiced by xmegaminoaix (Aloe Deala). She has two VB; STRONG and MIST and both are in CV ACT 1 mode. Aliciane STRONG is lower and fuller in tone compared to Aliciane MIST who has a higher and nasal voice. She has 11 planned APPENDS but they won't be mentioned until the ACT's VB is done.

2. Artemis von Crux - She is the second MANGAloid released and is voiced by xarchanx (Arielle Cruz).

3. Christine Gale - She is the third MANGAloid to be released but has one song posted in YT. She is voiced by Chennille Galvan.

4. Lyle Tomaso - He is a WIP MANGAloid voiced by xmegaminoaix (Aloe Deala).

5. Mytho Arlens - He is another WIP MANGAloid to be voiced by xmegaminoaix (Aloe Deala).

So far, those are the MANGAloids that I am sure to exist in the near future. But for added knowledge... here are the other MANGAloids I hope to exist:

Mike Hans Demetrion
Jade Grace Perriot
Keana Marie Antonio
Raspberry Pettyson
Bryton Baskerville
Kurt Jackson
Charice Lankin
Licorice Delaine

These make up the complete list of MANGAloids.


  1. Is Shuchou-chan going to be MANGAloid?
    Gosh i am excited...
    Please join Erizuru in MANGAloid tuuu..

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