Saturday, 10 November 2012

[UTAU] Matryoshka - Marie Nagano and Aliciane MIST and STRONG

Made by Marie Nagano's creator and she used both MIST and STRONG~


Magnet - Aliciane and Sakura Midori ACT 2

Song: Magnet
Originally by: Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka
Cover by: Aliciane STRONG and Sakura Midori
UST by: HaruVampire
Art and Video by: xmegaminoaix

It's beautiful...

Declare War on All VOCALOIDS - Aliciane STRONG

Song: Declare War on All Voc@loids
UST by: sm11118039
Originally by: Sukone Tei
Lyrics by: azuralunar
Video and Art by: xmegaminoaix

Heart Rate #0082 - Aliciane STRONG

Song: Heart Rate #0082
Originally by: Hatsune Miku
UST by: AgentAsteriski

Song: Hello/How Are You
Originally by: Hatsune Miku
VSQ by: atraino
Video used:
Video editing by: xmegaminoaix
Headcanons by: xmegaminoaix

This is still an ACT 1 song... I'm starting to wonder how long it'll take me before I can start posting ACT 2 songs... :/

This was something I felt the need to do since I didn't want people to think I was lying about her being tri-lingual... Not that anyone accused me... I just wanted to show my honesty, yanno.

BTW, I have plans of making her multi-lingual... if only I can find the complete list of phoenemes necessary... :/

This was a video posted by TheKC2345, the creator of Koritama Shuchou and a fellow Pinoy UTAU friend of Aliciane.


[UTAU] Anti The∞Holic - Koritama Shuchou and Aliciane STRONG

Song: Anti The∞Holic
Originally by: Megurine Luka and Kagamine Rin
Cover by: Koritama Shuchou and Aliciane STRONG
UST by: Midorimushi/sm7781905
Art and Song Mix by: TheKC2345
Video Editing by: xmegaminoaix

This is Aliciane's second duet with another UTAUloid outside the MANGAloid and DEMOloid family... I was honestly so shocked to hear someone eagerly download her VB~ It made me happy and to make things better, she  is a fellow Filipino UTAUloid.

Nazokake - Aliciane STRONG

Song: Nazokake or The Riddler who won't solve Riddles
Originally by: Kagamine Rin
UST by: Ayumi95a
Video in video by: Kanannon
Video Editing by: xmegaminoaix
Art by: Shaman-Hearts
Lyrics by: Animelyrics
Song Composition and Lyrics by: Hinata Haruhana

Kinjirareta Asobi - Aliciane MIST

Song: Kinjirareta Asobi
Originally by: Kawasumi Ayako
UST by: sango312
Lyrics used: Animelyrics
Art by: Shaman-hearts
Video Editing: xmegaminoaix
Cover by: Aliciane MIST CV ACT 1

So, this is Aliciane MIST first song~ YAY~ It's from Pandora Hearts and is Alice's character song... or is it Alyss'... Oh well~

Alluring Secret~Black Vow - Artemis and Aliciane

Song: Himitsu~Kuro ni Chikai aka. Alluring Secret~Black Vow
Originally by: Kagamine Rin and Len
Cover by: Artemis von Crux CV ACT 1 and Aliciane STRONG CV ACT1
UST by: koorima1
English lyrics by: xShellah

A song requested by xarchanx~

(UTAU) Matryoshka - Rie Miene ACT 2 and Aliciane STRONG

Originally by: GUMI Megpoid and Hatsune Miku

Melancholic - Aliciane STRONG

UST by: umbrellaguns
Originally by: Kagamine Rin



Well, belated anyway... I should have posted this 7 days ago but... T_T Let's just say I was grounded. LIFE.

VSQ by: olexki
UST by: MolouKii

Promise - Aliciane and Sakura Midori

Through the awesome website that is YouTube, I was able to make an internet friend who also has her own UTAU and by her request we had a duet and here it is!

Link to her YT page: Sakura Midori
Link to her UTAU's wiki: Sakura Midori

Promise originally by Rin and Miku...
UST by: nmasao1

I am so proud of this video because Sakura sounds so awesome and I'm totally honored to have had a duet with her~ She's also very friendly :)

Happy Synthesizer - Aliciane and Artemis

So it is summer and now I have lotsa time to make vids and posts... :)
Here is Happy Synthesizer originally by Luka and Gumi...
UST by: AnMeiChan Lyrics: rockleetist (english) and animelyrics(japanese)

Marukaite Chikyuu - Philippines Version!

So, xmegaminoaix or Aloe... started watching Hetalia... and well, got obsessed with it and wanting her country to be noticed. :P So, with the lyrics of Philippines-tan and the UST of ChibiChan11/ChibySmiley... I was able to edit the UST to fit a Philippines character... granted one will be made... And then I made Aliciané sing it... :) So here it is. The first ED of Hetalia... Philippines Ver.

Btw, Aliciané MIST is the back-up singer in this one :D

Last Night, Good Night - Aliciane STRONG ACT 1

This is Miku's version of the song since I couldn't find a UST with Rin's version.
UST by: TheSnowSongstress

Why Don't You Call Me Yet - Aliciane STRONG ACT 1 [Release Song]

This song was originally by Kagamine Rin.
UST by: lunaxx99